The true essence of man only becomes visible in the biography.

Willem Zeylmans van Emmichoven

Basic Practice Biographical Coaching

An online certificate training to enhance professionality:

Art and Science of Biography
Biographical Coaching skills
Biographical self-knowledge


Short outline of the Program

o Essential elements of the body of knowledge of Biography
o Instruments for coaching; Essential Biographical Inquiry (EBI)
o Practicing the attitude and skills of a Biography Practitioner
o A path of self-development and spiritual growth based on Anthroposophy


6 MODULES in 3 years Each Module is fully dedicated to one of these specific elements. The first 5 Modules will be ONLINE. The last (6th) Module is planned as a real-time event.


Each MODULE consists of ONLINE Classes and study sessions
Every Module has a specific focus on one element of the Body of Knowledge of Biography, which is also an instrument for an Essential Biographical Inquiry (EBI).
• Each Module consists of 7 online classes, (3 hours) in a bi-weekly rhythm.
• Each class has teachings, model talks, reviews, and assignments.
• The alternating weeks are reserved for study sessions (3 hours) with a tutor for Artwork, EBI conversations, practice review, and project work.
In between the Modules, there are 2 months intervals.


INDIVIDUAL STUDY TIME – in addition to the online classes and study sessions the time for individual study is ± 2-4 hours a week. For certification, 80% attendance is required.


TEACHERS. Vera G. Klein, Josien de Vries and Paula Boon (5th Module)
Tutor: Astrid Breg


CERTIFICATION- The BPBC leads to the certificate Biographical Practioner.
The certificate is issued by the Dutch Instituut voor Biografiek.


Module I                February 2024
Module II                August 2024
Module III and IV    2025
Module V and VI     2026

PRICE- € 3300,- (instalments are possible)   Part of the fee serves as funding for students of lesser means.

N.B. The price includes teaching- and mentoring. Extra costs for the Final Module, like travel expenses, bed and board on the place of venue are not included.


APPLICATION-  please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register online:  You will be invited for a personal interview preliminary to enrolment.


Modules – overview

Module 1 A Self-Portrait in four layers

In this Module, we teach you how to recognize a person living his /her Biography in 4 layers. These 'layers' are the physical domain, the life-energy domain, the soul-life, and the 'I', the individuality that directs our personal development. To perceive oneself as such a four-fold human being (Anthroposophy) is key to our self-knowledge, as for working with a client.
Learning to apply these 4 layers in the Essential Biographical Inquiry, lies at the basis of biographical coaching. Classes are dedicated to the research of the layers in the Biography, on the EBI: “4-fold-conversation”. The Art of Conversation will be modeled and practiced. Assignments for Artwork and deepening exercises are given.
This Module will give you a deeper understanding of yourself in your fourfold being, and you can begin practicing EBI -‘ the four fields' with (voluntary) clients.

Module 2 Life-phases

To prepare for the Module Life-phases you are requested to read a biography about some for you interesting person (aged over 63) and identify the ages of important life events.
The classes in the Module explore the 7-year-life phases. It brings a view of how life unfolds itself in phases, and what the possibilities and challenges are that each phase offers for development. We will work with the well-known archetype for biographical development, the U –chart. Also, other archetypes for life phases will be introduced. You will make a ‘book-of life’ for yourself and will learn how to use this in the biography practice.
In this Module, the focus lies on deepening your conversation skills. In the talks about the 7-year life phases, the person can in explore experiences and give them a new meaning. You will be invited to practice the Competences of Biographical Coaching.


Module 3 Connections

People who come into our lives are important for our development. They make things possible by working and living together. To bring our talents to the world; to be able to receive and to give, we need our fellow human beings; we need our parents to be born and grow up, we need friends and colleagues to work with, we need a partner to bring a new family into existence…. we are connected to other people in manifold ways. But these people can bring difficulties too, challenges like expectations and disappointments
This Module is about the special qualities and possibilities of all the different relations in our Biography and how to work with these. You will explore your network, and learn to work with creative exercises and conversations that can help to maintain, stabilize and harmonize the connection with yourself and your dear ones.


Module 4 Time-Lines

Our life unfolds in time, we are born, we arrive at a certain age, many years later and we look out into the future. A general method of understanding what happened in the past is making a Timeline. Also, the future can be envisioned by a Timeline. In this Module, you will learn to distinguish 5 Time Lines that each reveal a different aspect of your life. By making the lines visible in a graphic design you'll get an overview and a deeper understanding of how events are connected. The themes of the Time Lines are Destiny, Vocation, Impulses, Metamorphosis, and Fate.
In this Module, you will learn to see your own life from a new angle, learn for this EBI to walk along a Time Line with someone, find the important life moments and how to help them listen to “the song in your heart”.


Module 5 Triptychon

A Triptychon is a series of three very simple, handmade pictures of some events of your life. Triptychon-work allows you to see what is truly happening in the situations, what’s happening in the in-betweens, and what’s happing “behind the curtains”. You shed a light on your life in a new way, which helps you to find intentions for the future. The Triptychon calls on imagination, inspiration, and intuition.
Working with a Tryptichon requires all the basic competencies of Biographical Coaching and especially a thorough understanding of the 4-layers.

Module 6 General Studies and Finals

Before the last Module, every participant applies for an individual talk with one of the teachers in which the personal portfolio -including all assignments- is presented.
The General Studies offer additional and deepening subjects like Salutogenesis, Evolution of Humanity, Limitations of Biographywork, etc. Collegial intervision and peer consultation will be practiced.
The Finals will encompass an individual presentation in which graduates present their vision on where and how they want to practice Biography work. Students organize themselves and prepare for future steps on the path of ongoing schooling.

Advanced Program and Senior Practioners

After graduation, one can work as a (Basic) Biography Practitioner and is invited to learn, study, and develop in an ongoing further education in the Advanced Program.

The Advanced Program does not consist of a fixed curriculum but is individually shaped to personal needs and requirements. A variety of teachers, courses, and studies can contribute to this.

Every Practitioner is encouraged to keep track of the personal Advanced Program in a Portfolio. Eventually, he/she can present him/ herself to a group of peers, as required for the status of Senior Practitioner.

Currently, Practitioners are working in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Hungary.





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Vera G. Klein, Josien de Vries



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