After many requests from abroad we now have some courses in English on offer.

Online Open Course

Our online open course consists of 12 online meetings in which you can encounter an experiential and artistic approach of Biography.
Against the backdrop of the archetypical biographical development you'll explore and process your own biography.

Professional Training in Biography

The Dutch Training Biographical Coaching runs already for more than 30 years.
Based upon this curriculum we created an English training, which has proved its value in China and Hungary. This program is now on online. 

Basic Program Biographical Coaching (BPBC)
Is designed for those who want to learn to accompany others in their inquiry for self-knowledge, and finding meaning and direction in their life.

The training-program of the BPBC mediates therfore:
• A body of knowledge of biographical development
• A spiritual point of view on human life
• Practice in the art of conversation and developing the appropriate attitude
• Practical use of (artistic) tools and instruments


START Februari 2024


The BPBC ONLINE is an online learning environment where Biographywork and the Art of Conversation is offered and practiced. 

You will work on a regular basis with a fixed group of students. Researching your own Biography will go hand in hand with the practice of helping others to find the Biography in their Life. That is: learn to assist people in an Essential Biographical Inquiry (EBI).

BPBC ONLINE has 6 MODULES. Each Module has a focus on a specific element of the Body of Knowledge of Biography, which is also an instrument for an Essential Biographical Inquiry (EBI).

Each Module has 7 online classes of 3 hours in a bi-weekly rhythm.
In the alternating weeks, there will be 3 hours of practice like Artwork and practicing EBI conversations.







Vera G. Klein, Josien de Vries



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