Vera G. Klein (1958) Director

Vera worked as a Waldorf teacher and was a homestay mom. After some post-graduate studies, she turned to Biography work. Her favorites are working with art and biographical conversation. Her main source of inspiration is finding and recognizing the 'dream' that wants to be realized in

Josien de Vries (1955) 

Josien is one of the founders of the Institute of Biography. She is trained as a career counselor and biography consultant. Her specific theme is the mystery of the will. How the life course makes the will visible. This comes to expression in questions like: what do I actually want and how can I learn to do what I want and want what I do?


Paula Boon (1961) 

Paula met biographywork when she was working as a teacher at the Waldorf teacher training. She accompanied many young students. Often with the instrument that has her great love: the biographical triptych. It brings to expression  "Picture your life to determine direction"