The Dutch Instituut voor Biografiek as the Centre for Art and Science of Biography

in the Netherlands, offers since 2016 an English spoken training: 
Basic Practice Biographical Coaching (BPBC). At the moment a BPBC program is running in China and in Hungary. This training can be invited to any other country. People who would be interested in following a training in the Netherlands can send an email to:

Purpose of the BPBC

The training is primarily designed for people who want to learn to accompany other people in their development process of finding meaning and direction, both in their private and professional life. 
Nevertheless: everyone who wants to learn more about life from a biographical point of view and seeks to explore personal life questions can benefit from this Training. The training-program of the BPBC mediates: 

  • A body of knowledge about development from a spiritual point of view
  • Practice in the art of conversation and developing the appropriate attitude
  • Practical use of (artistic) tools and instruments

Learning levels
Self-knowledge is the fundament for personal leadership, a pre-requisite for guiding yourself in your biography. 
Learning level 1 includes every participant: your own life experience, your story, your biography is the field of research.
Learning level 2 applies to participants who choose to actively work with biography, the biographical knowledge, conversation skills and attitude, in their current profession, or as a new profession, Biographical Coach.

At the end of each Module the students who have attended 80% of the training sessions will receive a certificate of participation. Those who participated in all Modules and fulfilled all assignments can obtain the final-certificate Basic Principles Biographichal Coaching which is issued by the Instituut voor Biografiek. 

With this final-certificate a student can start working as a ‘Biography Practioner’ with people (one-to-one or in small groups) and accompany them in processing their life-experiences in a biographical way. 

Advanced program APBC
Practitioners are invited to create their personal Advanced Program in order to grow to a higher level of professionalization: Senior Practitioner and eventually Master in Biography.


Program of the BPBC 

Before entering the BPBC it is recommended to first do an open biography workshop, individual biography sessions or an Introduction course. An Introduction course presents the whole training in a nutshell, to enable people to encounter the program, get to know the approach and feel the value of it.


Titles of the Modules

Investment in time

4-fold Conversation (1)

6 days

Time-Lines (2)

5 days

Life-Phases (3)

5 days

Connections (4)

5 days

Triptychon (5)

5 days

Finals (6)/ General  Studies 

and Presentations

5- 6 days

This outline shows the ideal structure of the Training, but participants can follow the first 4 Modules in any order. 
The last two Modules can only be taken on the basis of the other 4 and need the preparation of all the assignments.  For taking part in the General Studies, students need to have accomplished all 5 Modules and prepare for an individual talk with one of the teachers. An individual presentation about their way of working with Biography is integral part of the Final Module.


Content of the Modules

Module 4- fold conversation 
We can recognise the human being as a holistic being consisting of 4-systems, 4-fields. We have a physical body, a vital-energy body, a dynamic system and a core individuality, that directs our personal development. Learning to work with this ‘4 field-viewpoint on man’ is the basics for any work with Biography. It is a way to understand the human being in general and yourself in the first place. It is auseful tool in one-to-one sessions and can be applied in organisational work.
The first 4 days of this week every day will be dedicated to the research one of the fields. On day 5 and 6 the instrument: “4-fold-conversation” will be applied as a tool to work with in one-to-one sessions. After this week you’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself and you’ll be able to start practicing biographical coaching with voluntary clients. 


Module Time-lines
Our life enfolds in time, we were born, we arrive at a certain age, many years later and we look out into the future. A general method of understanding what happened in the past is making a time-line. Also future plans can be envisioned by a time-line. In this Module you’ll learn to distinguish 5 time-lines that each reveal a different aspect of your life. By making the lines visible in a graphic design you’ll get an overview and a deeper understanding how events are connected. The 5 timelines tell the stories of: 1. study & work, 2. living & changing, 3. finding your mission, 4. connections and 5. fate. 
In this week Module you’ll learn to see your own life from a new angle, learn to walk along a timeline with a client and find the significant life-moments. The 5 time-lines are also an interesting tool to research and understand an organization. 


Module Connections  
People who come into our lives are important for our development. They make things possible in working and living together. To bring our talents to the world, to be able to receive and to give, we need our fellow human beings; we need our parents to be born and grow up, we need friends and colleagues to work with, we need a partner to bring a new family into existence…. we are connected to other people in manifold ways. But these people can bring difficulties too, challenges like expectations and disappointments.
In this Module we will study the special qualities and the special possibilities of all the different relations in our Biography and how to work with these.You will explore your own network, learn to work with creative exercises and conversations that help maintain, stabilize and harmonize the connection with yourself and your surrounding network. 


Module Life-phases 
A well-known archetype of biographical development is the 7-year-phases model. In this Module we will explore each phase more deeply. You’ll learn to see how natural metamorphoses enfold through life and how the each phase offers different possibilities for development. Also other archetypes of life-phases will be introduced.
In this Module we will work with deepening conversations that focus on each 7-year phase and practice many competences. You will learn to make a ‘book-of life’ for yourself and get to know this as a tool for coaching. Not only human beings, but everything that is created has its phases of development. To be able to discern the phase a company is in, can contribute to understand what a next step forward could be.


Module Triptychon
A Triptychon is a series of three very simple, handmade pictures of some events of your life. Triptychon-work allows you to see what is truly happening in the situations, what’s happening in the in-betweens, and what’s happing “behind the curtains”. You shed a light on your life in a new way, which helps you to find intentions for the future. 
This Module requires the basic competences of Biographical Coaching and a thorough understanding of the 4-fold vision. The Triptychon calls on imagination, inspiration and intuition. Therefore one can only take part in this module after having participated in the first four Modules.


Module Finals and General Studies
Prior to this last Module, every participant applies for an individual talk with one of the teachers and an interpreter (if necessary) in which the personal portfolio -including all assignments- is presented. This talk opens the door for the individual presentation in the Final Module, in which graduates present their vision on where and how they aim to apply Biography.
The General Studies part of this week will offer additional and deepening subjects. Also collegial intervision and peer consultation will be practised. Participants organise themselves and prepare for future steps on the path of on-going schooling and that started with the BTBC and how they want to develop as a practitioner within the Advanced Program Biographical Coaching (APBC).


The program of the BPBC is based upon the Dutch Training ‘Biografisch Coachen’, which is recognised by the International Trainers Forum for Biography Work on behalf of the General Antroposophical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switserland.