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Summer School for Biographical Conversation

Do you have the experience of a clarifying, helping conversation with a good friend? It is the extraordinary occasion of profound meeting in which new light shines on your life path. Goethe expresses this in the Fairytale of the Green Snake and beautiful Lily: “What is more refreshing than the light?” “The conversation”, is the answer.


Biographical Conversation is an art where craftsmanship and creativity, empathy and intuition meet. Knowledge of the Biographical Development is the basis. This gives an understanding of the human being, developmental possibilities and a deep sense of coherence. Skillful biographical conversation is true craftsmanship. It helps to find and listen to the inner wisdom, and find the own track again. 


The art of Biographical Conversation as taught in this Summer School is a path to real encounters that can help to humanize relations, family life and work.


The Summer School for Biographical Conversation is meant for those who:

want to digest and dynamise their own biography

want to learn the art of biographical conversations

want to learn and practice the biographical four-fields method.


This course is also meant for professionals who want to learn to work with the Four-Fields as a biographical instrument. And for those who eventually seek to become a professional in Biographical Coaching.


Biography in four-fields

In the Four-Fields method the biography is approached through the four life domains of the Human Being. It is based upon the four-fold Human Being in Anthroposophy. Besides our physical body there are distinguished the ether body (vitality and energy), the astral body (the soul), and the human I, (the spirit).  This way of working with the biography supports consciousness and awareness. It helps people to find their inner (re-)sources and a new direction in their Biographical Development.


Biographical Conversation

The Biographical Conversation is the practice of the art of ‘not knowing.’ The following skills need to be attended. These steps are an inner Schooling Path based upon the 8-fold path of Buddha:

  • to recognize the uniqueness of the human being you meet
  • to work with a non-judgmental attitude
  • to ask the “right” question and following-through the process with questions
  • to characterize and use metaphors
  • to accompany someone in a self-research
  • to follow through this process of finding responsibility for their own life path
  • to guide yourself towards a professional attitude through self-reflection



Leo Beth, Paula Boon, Vera G. Klein, Josien de Vries, and others


Summer School Curriculum

This Summer School is meant to be the first of four annual courses that together will be a full training in Biographical Coaching. People who want to become a professional in Biography work need to follow through all four courses and in the time in between: practice biographical conversations, write reports under supervision, and do project work and study.


The student who has fulfilled all the requirements, will receive a certificate as Biographical Coach, acknowledged by the International Trainers Forum, the professional coordination group workingwithin the General Anthroposophical Section
of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum (CH).


This SumnmerSchool program in English language will start when enough applicants have enrolled. For more information you can send an email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


Be the change you want to see in the world; Gandhi

'De ‘basiscursus biografiek’ gaf me een nieuwe richting.'


'In de opleiding tot ‘biografisch coach’ kon ik in vrijheid groeien.'

'De cursus ‘autobiografisch schrijven’ was behalve ontroerend
ook transformerend.'

'Biografiek geeft me zelfinzicht, maar is niet therapeutisch,
dat is verrijkend.